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Quality Assurance
Quality has always been a priority at United Oil Packers. Our principle quality objective is to meet or exceed specified customer requirements.

United Oil Packers has also developed a Quality Manual that meets the scope of requirements of ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000. Our proven Quality Management System ensures that results meet our quality policies and goals.

Our Executive Management Team ensures necessary information, resources, and monitoring support is available for the effective operation of these processes. The processes are monitored and measured as required, analyzed, and reviewed. Actions necessary to achieve planned results and to promote continuous improvement of these processes are discussed and implemented. Management at all levels ensures that the quality policy is implemented and communicated throughout the organization.

United Oil plans and implements monitoring, measurement, analysis and data analysis for improvement of processes needed to demonstrate conformity of products, our QMS, and to continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS. Plans to meet specified customer requirements for products are carried out as specified in quality plans such as Process Control and Inspection and Test procedures and work instructions.

Quality objectives are monitored through inspection, and tested to specific criteria, ensuring product conformance to specified criteria is carried out. These inspections and tests are performed throughout product realization to ensure that only product that has passed required inspections and/or tests with respect to monitoring and measurement requirements is produced.

United Oil Packers is always committed to food safety. Statutory and regulatory requirements related to food production are adhered to and documented in Good Manufacturing Practices Procedures. Likewise, product identification and traceability is maintained to identify the products produced at United Oil throughout the product realization process.

Lastly, we are proud to point out that our products have always been Kosher Certified. This is accomplished by and through The Union Orthodox of New York, or UO, an organization which has maintained the highest standard of kosher supervision for over 80 years. The reputation of the Orthodox Union is unmatched for reliability and for meeting the highest kosher standards.
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