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United Oil Packers is dedicated to providing premium products at competitive prices. We produce a variety of food based oil products including various cooking oils and shortenings. We specialize in corn and soybean oil products (the major US oilseeds). We can also offer canola, cottonseed and sunflower oils upon request. Our packaging options include retail sizes, food service packaging and bulk oil shipments.

Our business is commodity driven. Commodities trade daily on exchanges all over the world; our products are linked to the commodity market system. United Oil Packers can help provide insight into these markets, and assist our clients in developing strategies to better manage their business.

United Oil considers service an essential part of our business. We are ideally located next to the area’s two major seaports, Port of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Port Everglades. We are also conveniently situated near CSX’s and FEC’s inter modal ramps. Our close proximity to major transportation points allows for convenient and effective shipments to our customers world-wide. To accommodate the ever growing demand for seamless service United Oil Packers provides transportation solutions as well as custom logistical support along the way. Our staff has the experience to help coordinate most shipping requirements. Special shipping documentation can alos be provided upon request. So whether your shipment is headed around the world or around the corner, United Oil Packers works with the client from start to finish.

Reacting quickly to our customer’s rapidly changing needs and providing high levels of service and support are an important point for United Oil Packers. Our modern commercial facilities combine to a half million square feet of industrial space and feature all the characteristics necessary to meet today's distribution requirements. Some facility characteristics include high ceilings, maximum floor capacity, rack/bulk storage, 24 hour on-site security, specialized handling equipment, and cold storage. So United Oil Packers can handle your company’s needs, whether they are big or small.

Please contact one of our staff and ask how our products and services can best suit your company’s needs.
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